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Chan Tai, a non medical practitioner, 'solved' an undefined medical myth.

A non medical practitioner, 'solved' an undefined medical myth

To heal a disease, we must diagnose its causes. We must trace where and how it started to affect our internal organs. Then, we identify the disease and continue to study how it evolves over time. More importantly, we must obtain the right means of medicine and grasp the knowledge of appropriate prescription to the corresponding disease and understand the function and effect of different medicines. By identifying the root cause of a disease and having sound knowledge of the drug prescription can the disease be healed. Modern technologies help us identify the occurrence of abnormal tissue growth on affected area as a result of various diseases. And very often, surgical treatment is opted as the treatment. However, surgical removal of the abnormal tissue/object may only eliminate the result of the disease but not uproot its cause. Hence, the disease cannot be truly healed and its symptoms will only recur overtime. How can such medical approach which eventually renders patients to helplessness at terminal stage be regarded as 'a comprehensive study of medical science and therapy'?

Is advanced technologies the ultimate solution?

Nowadays, on the internet, we can see that there are solid and successful cases, which demonstrates that Moxibustion of Traditional Chinese Medicine is able to enhance blood circulation and cure many diseases suffered by patients whom are formerly diagnosed as incurable cases. These patients could walk immediately without a helping stick or the use of a wheelchair. Advance technology is able to help identify the symptoms and results of a disease. However, if one is lacking the understanding of the causes of the disease and the appropriate medicine, advanced instrument can only be used as an auxiliary means of examination and the examination reports should not be regarded as the ultimate guidance. As a matter of fact, the result of bone spur or the occurrence of abnormal pressure on nerves is symbolic to a wilting plant without the adequate nourishment of water. Lacking water supply, a plant will inevitably bear "yellow-leaves, dry bark, withering branches and dying roots". Similarly, when a bodily organ is short of blood supply, it will lead to dwindling bones, tendons, pulses and muscles. Therefore, in order to cure bone spur or treat abnormal pressure on nerves, one must not unscrupulously remove the abnormal 'substances' shown on screens but must target the root cause, and facilitate blood circulation.

Cause of diseases with sensation of pain

As a matter of fact, the majority of the aforementioned diseases are allegedly caused by the consumption of cold drinks such as soft drinks, beer, spirits with ice, ice cream, cold fruit etc. When the heated air in our stomach which is actually a heat emitter collides with the cold substances, another air current known as 'cold and wet qi (air)' surges. Subsequently, such accumulated air will flow with our blood to different joints causing joint aches and blood stagnation, which will further deprive sufficient blood supply to tendons and joints and conduce to other pathological changes. Moreover, when areas around the back, neck and shoulders being covered by thin clothes are persistently exposed to the seasonal cold air and air-conditioning, a swirl of air currents will form around the veins and capillaries of the area and hamper smooth blood circulation. Furthermore, if a person perspires without wiping off his sweat at once, the opened pores will absorb the vapor formed around the neck, shoulder and back area as body temperature cools down, thus obstructing blood flow. This will result in back ache and paralyzed hands being unable to lift or fetch things. If condition worsens to deprive blood supply to brain, symptoms such as headache, dizziness, dry eyes, blurred eyesight will occur. Further deterioration will result in Parkinson disease characterized by shaky hands and head. Furthermore, this wet, cold air may follow the blood flow downwards and gather at the shoulder, back and waist. Muscles in this area will fail to adapt to the strain of cool air on days of overcast weather or from excessive air conditioning. These current will trigger the gathered current of cold qi (air) within our body to expand and contract. Gradually this pressure magnifies the stress on the muscles; compress blood veins and affects blood circulation as a whole. In the long run, it deprives the affected parts (the spine & the neck) of sufficient blood supply, and thus resulting in hardening joints, sciatic pain, and numbness in lower limbs or spasm, shrinking bones and muscles and hardship in mobility. Moreover, some other patients may suffer from coldness in their shoulders and back merely due to continuous invasion of cold air under air-conditioning. Over a period of time, such cold and wet air gathers in the area. Additional excessive coldness would trigger this cold and wet air and collides with our bodily heat, this clash of outer cold air and inner warm air leads to all sorts of neural aches around the shoulder, neck and back areas.

Treating the root cause or not?

Different medical streams in the world have their pros and cons. Unlike other disciplines, medical practice has profound effect on human health and lives. Hence, medical science, pathology, pharmaceutics as well as professional ethics are of paramount importance. In my opinion, the conventional mainstream medical practice does bear numerous merits which are superior to our Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially in areas such as acute emergency surgery, minimally invasive surgery, pain relief medication, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and first-aid skills. No doubt, they contribute much to the well being of mankind. Nevertheless, can the aforementioned know-how be adequate for healing all diseases in the world? The above knowledge is even over exploited by some medical professionals who have no idea on how to cure their patients but serve them with 'electrification, sawing, cutting'. We must differentiate various streams in Medical Science. For instance, surgery is only a removal process that may not solve everything in the medical world. Pain relief, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory medication only serves to contain the harmful effect of an illness, and should not be regarded as a cure. A clear boundary must be drawn to differentiate true cures from others without distortion.

Without validation, theory is no better than here say

Let us now look at how valid is the slogan "Smoking Causes Cancer"? The statement has been highly publicized without being verified by medical body. Not to mention the specific data concerning the correlation between cancer-prone cases and smoking have been announced. However, the propaganda of anti-smoking is manipulated by some medical body to strengthen its dominating influence and status of western science and philosophy. Today, the popularity of some medical industry has climbed to its utmost and has projected far-reaching influences on not only a 3-year-old child, but also highly educated intellects. I personally believe, despite all publicity, if a medical practice has not had successfully treated countless number of diseases in this world, nor can it identify the causes of these diseases, or obtain the appropriate cure for them, merely a theoretical sublimation does not help. The means of surgical operation to remove the abnormal growth of tissue at affected areas appears to be the cure; however, these abnormal tissue growths gradually recur overtime. After some years, the patient may have forgotten the aftermath and the side-effects incurred from the last operation. Quite a number of patients are deceived by such practice as the ultimate cure, which essentially is no more than just a temporary control measure.

The Root Cause of Cancer

Although smoking endangers our health, it does not imply that every smoker will suffer from a smoking-prone disease. Normally a patient suffering from cancer is primarily due to his/her weak physique, which lowers the ability to withstand heatiness, and become more prone to constipation. Eating fried, stir-fried and/or roasted food and drinking liquor conduce to more 'heated fire' which can 'scorch' our internal organs. Moreover, one breath of smoke would create one breath of 'fire'. Without the means to eliminate the excessive heat accumulated in the body, excessive smoking results in poisonous fire. As poisonous fire accumulates within a body over time, both poisonous heatiness and fire wander through capillaries and blood veins and will condense with coagulated blood in the long run to form hardened object which become the nidus for the subsequent formation of tumor. As a result of persistent invasion from the poisonous heatiness and fire, the hardened object will further deteriorate the patient's muscle to bring suppuration and swelling, and subject to various circumstances the condition develops into malignant or benign tumor. Alternatively, the poisonous heatiness and fire would also contaminate and damage weak or/and defective internal organs and thus resulting in various cancer diseases. According to the various conditions of accumulated poisons congested in the capillaries, blood veins and internal organs of various patients who suffer from cancer, medication that can remove the accumulation of the poisonous heatiness and fire, stop suppuration and then dissipate the hardened object must be applied rather than by surgical removal. People with weak respiratory system ought to avoid tobacco tar and nicotine for it irritate lungs causing airways to narrow, which encourages phlegm and makes it harder to breath and further leads to lung diseases. Patients suffer from asthma and sensitive naval cavity shall keep away from smoking areas, for once come into contact with alien gas will intensify their discomfort. Numerous diseases are closely related to the mucus-prone irritation triggered by over-smoking. But not every second-hand smoker will suffer from the disease.

Can the faith of a layman survive the challenge of stormy wave?

Why did l change my career as a merchant to study Traditional Chinese Medicine? I do not aim to become a pitiful Chinese Medicine practitioner nor aspire to become a pharmaceutical manufacturer. In the past 6 years, I have dedicated my heart and soul to publicize about medical science which genuinely heals at my own costs. Engaging in this study, I have to bear the risk of not being a medical professional, as well as face various challenges from all sorts of people with different points of views. With perseverance, I overcome myself and many obstacles, as I understand the rise and fall of Traditional Chinese Medicine significantly affects mankind. I wish to safeguard our culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine and to make right the wrongs that have been done to the innocent victims of medical faults. Hence, I wish to create a platform to reveal all those successfully cases of the healed and promote a different view that the norm of 'surgical craftsmen' shielded from the "unequal agreement", cannot freely conduct surgery without due consideration. In pursuit of finding true cure for many diseases, regardless of my own safety, I publish my humble medical opinion on the practice of true cure. For instance, the diseases resulted from the stagnation of qi (air) and blood are incorrectly diagnosed as 'hemangioma, bone marrow tumor and/or lymphatic tumor' by some medical professionals. Without understanding the impact of poor circulation of 'Qi' and blood, various pains resulted in shoulders, necks, backs are mistakenly classified as abnormal pressure on nerves. By labeling some unmanageable medical cases as 'incurables or terminal diseases', some medical professionals are only driving patients into various forms of psychological depression or anxiety disorder prior to finding any feasible treatment. Let us raise another example. Some patients whose knee-caps are affected by "FengHanShi", are often mistakenly diagnosed as Osteoporosis. Many medical practitioners tend to disregard the possible pathological effects brought about by the invasion of vast cold air into the body (the invisible killer) when the patients are put under anesthetic in the air conditioned operation theatre for a length of time. While they become unconscious and physically vulnerable, they are further exposed to the air-conditioning for hours, which exacerbate the illness. Here's another example. Radiotherapy and casting would sometime cause capillaries, muscles and tendons to harden. Furthermore, after operation of extracting bone marrow and dropsy, the 'wet qi (air) gathered inside the body navigate to the empty spaces between the joints of the bones where the bone marrow or fluid is vacated. Again, these surgical operations conduce to exacerbation. As we all have witnessed, it is hard fact that Traditional Chinese Medicine has successfully treated many wrongly diagnosed cases or so-called incurable cases! All of the incidences I quoted above draw the same conclusion: whenever a professional solely relies on the examination reports from diagnostic instruments as the ultimate guidance to formulate a treatment for every disease, only additional side effects but not improvement can be anticipated. It would become unfortunate to humanity, shall we not expedite to demolish the absolute control from such medical practice.

Is scientific technology omnipotent?

I do not know much about medical science, nor have I contributed anything to the field. However, I wish to share with the public my view that the so-called terminal illness might just be sayings of those who do not know how to provide the right cure. Moreover, I must remind all of us that even god is not omnipotent. If so, how can a 'surgical knife' be able to treat all diseases? Can technology help us examine or explain the causes of those mental illnesses caused by the possession of evil spirits? Do professionals know how to formulate effective treatments for these diseases? May I remind all of us that we should not simply believe those medical theories which fail to explain the relationship of cause and effect of a disease based on hearsay or intuition without actual validation. We should also ask whether scientific technology is omnipotent. Some minor discomforts which do not require surgical operation may be denominated as serious illnesses by some medical professionals who do not know how to heal upon initial diagnosis. Whenever the treatments fail, they may blame on the rapid worsening of the diseases. This is the back door to evade responsibilities. Many diseases are wrongly treated but the true causes are still uncovered. Some practitioners manipulate the expectation of patients by exaggerating the seriousness of their medical condition. When these innocent patients recover, they then develop this perception that these misleading medical practitioners are omnipotent. All of the legitimate medical cases available on the internet are sufficient to reveal the flaws in the standard of diagnosis of certain medical practices. Let us ponder whether we really understand what an X-ray report or a laboratory test report entails. By the same token, if the public realizes that professional experts are all trained by the same methodology, discipline and philosophy which may be unable to cure all diseases, they may stop asking me: "All the test reports of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computerized Tomography (CT scan) or X-ray came out and confirmed the medical opinion of various experts. How can they be wrong?" It is hard fact that Moxibustion has proven to have successfully treated many illnesses. We have come to an era when we can see that a piece of moxa, which is even disdained by some practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, can replace the many expensive and advanced medical instruments which cost millions of dollars. May I prophesy that in less than 2 or 3 years of time, Moxibustion will eventually help save many patients without the need for drug intake or injection. Natural medicinal herbs will be proven to be far more effective than drugs and surgeries.


Moxibustion is an ancient method of cure in China. A new and improved healing method adopted by Mr. Chan, applied to the pressure points of the body, with the medicinal properties of a mixture of herbal leaves, stimulated by heat and released to the inner layers of the skin to the infected area.
There is no need for medicine intake, no need for acupuncture. In the process of heat stimulation, the medicinal properties of the herbal leaves are released into the body through pressure points, relieving the stagnation of blood circulation. All the illnesses caused by damp cold Chi and other pain-induced illnesses are relieved and cured.

There are three types of Moxibustion created by Mr. Chan. The white colored kind is applied to the limps, lower back and shoulder. The little ones are for the head, face, eyes, and nerves around the face area. The big ones are for the soles of the feet and the ankle. All will be applied with the relevant herbal leaves.

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