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Chan Tai, a non medical practitioner, 'solved' an undefined medical myth.

Chan Tai Moxibustion Centre
Address:Flat C-D, 2/F, 368-374 Lockhart Rd, Wanchai, HK (Exit C at Causeway Bay metro)
Tel: 852-2572 2223

Moxibustion is an ancient method of cure in China. A new and improved healing method adopted by Mr. Chan, applied to the pressure points of the body, with the medicinal properties of a mixture of herbal leaves, stimulated by heat and released to the inner layers of the skin to the infected area.
There is no need for medicine intake, no need for acupuncture. In the process of heat stimulation, the medicinal properties of the herbal leaves are released into the body through pressure points, relieving the stagnation of blood circulation. All the illnesses caused by damp cold Chi and other pain-induced illnesses are relieved and cured.

There are three types of Moxibustion created by Mr. Chan. The white colored kind is applied to the limps, lower back and shoulder. The little ones are for the head, face, eyes, and nerves around the face area. The big ones are for the soles of the feet and the ankle. All will be applied with the relevant herbal leaves.


Disclaimer: The effectiveness of treatment varies depending on the patient's condition.

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