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Chan Tai, a non medical practitioner, 'solved' an undefined medical myth.
Patrick & Michelle(California, USA)
Arm & Shoulder Pain

Patrick, and his daughter Michelle, both suffered from arm and shoulder pain. The pain is so severe that they could not life nor extend their arms. They were very disappointed to have not found any cure in the United States. Both of them received treatments at Only Herbal and could extend and life their arms again. They wrote: This Chinese treatment is miraculous. Just a bit of heat stimulation, our condition is vastly relieved!

Mr. Chan (70 years old)@Knee Pain
Mr. Chan has suffered from severe knee pain for over 20 years. He has to rely on a walking stick to aid his movements. Like other patients, he has tried extensive treatments but nothing could lift the pain. At Only Herbal, he was given topical treatment to his knees five times. Mr. Chan could walk like a normal person again, without the help of his walking stick. He has since left it at the clinic.

Michael (New York, USA)@Shoulder Problem
Michael is a businessman who resides in the United States. He has suffered pain in his right shoulder for several years. He could not lift his arm, and was in such pain that it affected his sleep. During a visit to Hong Kong, Michael received a treatment at Only Herbal. His shoulder pain was relieved and he could life his arm again. He was so amazed that he hailed to Chinese Medicine!

Andrew (USA)@Seven Years of Back Pain
Andrew is a very successful businessman, who resides in the United States. His constant travel has left him exhausted and his back in severe pain. He has tried numerous healing methods from all over the world, but only worsened his condition. During a visit to Hong Kong, Andrew gave Only Herbal a try. With only four treatments, his back pain was greatly relieved. His comments were: Chinese medicine works wonders!

Mr. Chan@Neck and Back Pain
Mr. Leung has suffered severe pain in his neck and back for over 30 years. He has searched many years and tried many methods for cure, but nothing worked. When Mr. Leung came to Only Herbal, his head was tilted to the right and was so stiff from pain that he could not move. After specialized treatments at Only Herbal, Mr. Leung has gained back flexibility in his neck and back, and his spine is properly aligned. In order to express his sincere gratitude to Mr. Chan, Mr. Leung has given him a special souvenir, and crowned him as his savior.

Bradley Tankoos(USA, New York)@
Neck Pain Affecting Eye Sight
American businessman Bradley Tankoos has suffered neck pain for 40 years. The pain is so severe that it affected his eye sight. Anything farther than five feet is blurry. A friend has recommended Only Herbal to him. Bradley's condition was worrisome. His neck had no flexibility, his walk was shaky, he could not see properly, and had to be led by someone. Bradley has consulted over 50 doctors over the past four decades, but his condition deteriorated.

After the treatments, Bradley regained agility. His blood circulation has improved tremendously, his eye sight is back to normal, and could even drive himself around when he went home.

Mr. Lau (70 years old)@Back Pain
Mr. Lau, a retired policeman, was diagnosed with osteroporosis two years ago. Pain killers and calcium pills given by the doctor did not cure his back pain. Mr. Lau lost flexibility to his back and he had to rely on a walking stick in order to move around. After seven treatments at Only Herbal, Mr. Lau can now forego his walking stick. He has completely recovered and gained back his agility. Mr. Lau claims Mr. Chan's treatments as a miracle in the rehabilitation world.

Adia (Mexico)@Neck and Shoulder Pain
Adia, who resides in Mexico, has suffered neck and shoulder pain for over a decade. She has tried numerous ways to relieve her pain, from extensive physiotherapy to native Indian methods, yet to no avail. Aida and her husband learned of Only Herbal through a friend who resides in the United States. She came half way across the globe to be healed by Mr. Chan. The treatments cured her long-time pain and have left her completely amazed. She has carried her country flag with her for five years, and has given it to Mr. Chan as a gift.

Tanya (7 years old)@Nerve / Muscle Problem
Tanya resides in Holland. An incident of high fever two years ago has affected her nerve system. Her right half of the body had constant spams, causing involuntary blinking to her eye; it also affected her mouth and neck, tilting her body and affecting the body of her walk. Her parents have tried every possible cure in her hometown, but could not help her. When they came across Only Herbal in a magazine, they immediately boarded the plane. Tanya suffered from muscle contraction, which affected her jounts and blood circulation. After a month's treatment, Tanya could finally relax her body and muscles, her body slowly regained balance and now she is like any other happy, normal kid.

Mr. Lee (60 years old)@
Stiffness in Lower Back & Legs

Mr. Lee has worked in a hospital most of his life, but a surgery to remove bone spur in his neck has left him in a wheel chair. The surgery has installed two metal pieces into his spinal cord, which has affected his legs. They shake and could not walk, and his lower back was in constant pain and numbness. Mr. Lee had to resort to a wheel chair in order to move around. Medication and physiotherapy sessions did not help, and Mr. Lee was left in great despair. Mr. Lee's family brought him to Only Herbal. He was given treatment and topical aid. Mr. Lee's condition has greatly improved. He could walk again with the support of a walking stick, and the numbness to his lower back has greatly lessened. He has regained the strength in his legs and his lower back, and is at his best condition since the surgery.

Ms. Saito(Japan)@Lower back / Nerve Pain
Ms. Saito injured herself in the train and was not properly cured. This has led to constant recurrence of severe pain to her nerve system in the lower back. This happened again while she visited Hong Kong. A friend of hers brought her to Only Herbal. After one single treatment, her pain was greatly relieved. Ms. Saito was jumping and running around in the clinic. She was so happy and amazed by the treatment that she cried!

Ann (13 years old)@Dysfunctional Limps
Ann, 13 years of age, is in Form 3. Since she was born, she has suffered great pain in her limps. This is due to lack of oxygen in her brain when she was born. When Ann came to Only Herbal, she could not walk properly, her back was bent and she was in a lot of pain. Over the years, she has seen endless treatments, physiotherapy, acupuncture, operations and nothing helped. After she received treatments at Only Herbal, her legs are relaxed, letting her walk properly without any tension. She can now stand up straight and her condition is greatly improved.

Mr. Lau@Joint Problem
Mr. Lau has suffered joint pain for over 20 years. He immigrated to New Zealand about two years ago. Due to frequent consumption of cold beer and shell fish type seafood, his condition worsened. It was so severe that his whole body ached; he could not lift his arms, could not get himself out of the sofa, and was in such constant pain that affected his sleep. Mr. Lau came across Only Herbal when he renewed his HKID card at the Elizabeth House. He was attracted by the herbal smell and came into the clinic. After one treatment, Mr. Lau was able to move around, lift his arms and sleep through the night. He was so amazed by the treatments that he extended his stay in Hong Kong.

Mr. Chan (29 years old)@
Spinal and Lower Back Pain
Mr. Chan came acrosws Only Herbal from his favorite cartoonist's editorial. Being in the hardware business for over nine years, Mr. Chan has injured his lower back several times. He has tried both Western and Chinese doctors, and even physiotherapy did not help. After several treatments at Only Herbal, Mr. Chan has regained flexibility in his neck and lower back.


Moxibustion is an ancient method of cure in China. A new and improved healing method adopted by Mr. Chan, applied to the pressure points of the body, with the medicinal properties of a mixture of herbal leaves, stimulated by heat and released to the inner layers of the skin to the infected area.
There is no need for medicine intake, no need for acupuncture. In the process of heat stimulation, the medicinal properties of the herbal leaves are released into the body through pressure points, relieving the stagnation of blood circulation. All the illnesses caused by damp cold Chi and other pain-induced illnesses are relieved and cured.

There are three types of Moxibustion created by Mr. Chan. The white colored kind is applied to the limps, lower back and shoulder. The little ones are for the head, face, eyes, and nerves around the face area. The big ones are for the soles of the feet and the ankle. All will be applied with the relevant herbal leaves.

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