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Chan Tai, a non medical practitioner, 'solved' an undefined medical myth.

Chan Tai - The Father of Alternative Medicine

China has thousands years of history, with millions of people and an abundance of natural resources. You will find outstanding Chinese professionals in different fields in different parts of the world. The contribution of Chinese people to the world is recognizable.

People are constantly in search of new healing methods. In the past, people rely on experiences that they draw between nature and human kind, and learn from healing methods through healing and trial. The wisdom has carried on, and it is proven that Chinese methodologies could work wonders. These findings are documented and have been passing on from centuries to centuries. All this is invaluable knowledge that has helped the world to advance.

The Dream to Transform, from Business to Healing

I would like to emphasize that I am not a medical practitioner. I am just an ordinary businessman. I just have profound interest and fascination with Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM"). My father has left me some literature on ancient Traditional Chinese medication and therapy. Therefore, I have started my career as a businessman, while I researched and studied TCM at leisure.

After many years of research and study, I realized that TCM has an amazing power to cure with many tough diseases. Due to discontinued documentation in an unstable political history, some of the studies of TCM have been lost. I strongly believe that these Chinese therapies inherited as invaluable legacies from our ancestors should never be left unnoticed, instead should be practiced and acknowledged universally.

I do not want to become a medical practitioner. When I came across bits of news about people ending their lives due to incurable diseases, it motivates me to find out the reasons and answers in the ancient medical books. It is due to this constant study that has made me realize that there is in fact a cure for the many diseases in the world. Thus, my vision to revolutionize the world with TCM. I want the world to recognize this medical legacy.

Pain, according to Chinese methodologies: blood flow & Chi

Revolutionize medical methodologies - it makes people wonder - a non-medical practitioner driving this? If you could understand, that illnesses arise from issues related to blood circulation, that about 70% of illness are caused by consuming cold food and drinks, which lead to what Chinese people call "cold damp Chi". This Chi, when absorbed by the blood vessels into our blood will hinder blood circulation. In turn, our organs and limps will lack the blood necessary to supply nutrients, which lead to illnesses and death. If you understand this theory, you will learn that medical transformation is quite possible.

Over the centuries, it is documented that illnesses are caused by the stagnation of blood circulation. But it has not documented the problems associated with blood and Chi imbalance, as electricity and air conditioning were not invented back in those days. In my opinion, apart from blood circulation being damaged by cold damp Chi, the other reason that is worsening the problem is that people nowadays are constantly in air-conditioned environment. This "cold air" has caused damage to blood circulation through the shoulder and the back area. This cold air accumulates on the surface of the skin. Over time, it will be transmitted into the muscles and the blood stream. This will cause muscle contraction, which gives pressure to the blood vessels. All this would affect blood circulation. Therefore, this affects a vast area, causing headaches, and pain from the neck, to shoulders, back, and lower back. The body loses flexibility, which would affect eye sight and cause muscle spasms. If the condition prevails, the back muscles will contract and shrink the blood vessels in the area, which leads to stiffness and immobility. Over time, this could lead to the lack of blood supply into the brain, damaging brain cells, affecting the movement of the limps, or lead to Parkinson disease.

Back, spine, neck, and lower back pain - all these originate from the adverse effects of cold damp Chi. The accumulation of this Chi will lead to stagnation of blood flow, which causes the lower back soreness and stiffness. In two to three years time, the lower back stiffens and swells. In eight to nine years, the condition will continue to get worse, and affect the thighs causing them numbness and coldness. The lack of blood flow to the legs would cause the muscles to deteriorate, which will worsen to losing their functionality.

People who suffer from this cold and damp Chi illness are usually due to prolonged and constant consumption of cold food and drinks, like alcoholic beverages, cold beer, soda, fruit juice, ice-cream, and other cold beverages. Since it is warm in the stomach, the intake of cold beverages would create this cold damp Chi. Over the years, this chi will be transported to the rest of the body with blood, affecting all the internal organs and other body parts. This could cause numerous other problems. This cold damp Chi would also accumulate at joints, causing other joint problems.

The Perfect Pain Killer - Moxibustion

I based my studies on Moxibustion, and has further the studies to find out the problems related to blood circulation. I have discovered ways of cure without the intake of medication. My findings are based on the fact that illnesses are a result of the imbalance of blood and Chi. Cold damp Chi, when accumulated at joints, will cause stagnation of blood circulation, hindering the transport of oxygen and nutrients, thus affecting the organ and body part. I would locate the affected areas, and find out the reflex points on the surface of the skin, and apply herbal medicine at those points, and with the stimulation of heat, release the herbal medicinal power into the inner layers of the skin, which will loosen the accumulation of this Chi. There is an old saying: If blood does not flow, it hurts. Where blood flows it doesn't hurt. As long as the blood circulation is normal, pain is relieved, and you are healed.

New Medical Awareness Healthy Blood Circulation Promotes Healthy Joints

A New Perspective on Bone Spur and Osteoporosis

There are yin and yang energies in the Universe, as well as in the human bodies. Illnesses can also be classifies into yin and yang categories. All living things can live healthily when yin and yang energies are balanced. Just as trees will wither without water, a healthy body has to be nourished by blood properly supplied to all organs, by means of a healthy circulatory system. A delicate soft membrane encloses every piece of bone and there is a cartilage that lies between adjacent bones. These soft tissues also need to be nourished by blood through capillaries, and they will harden from vascular occlusion, which leads to ischemia. The hardened tissues will occur in the form of pellets or spurs when viewed under X-rays, which is termed as bone spur or osteophytes. The appropriate treatment is to re-activate the hardened tissues by restoring weakened blood circulation to normal blood flow. Similarly, the condition of Osteoporosis is due to weakened blood flow to the tendon concerned. When the tendon is deprived of proper nourishment via healthy blood supply, it loses its elasticity. Without elasticity, the tendon fails to bond our bones properly, resulting in dislocation and improper alignment of bones. When treated by the restoration of blood circulation, the loosened or weakened joints will subsequently regain their normal function.

Medical Treatments Today

In this world today, there are so endless incurable diseases. For example: cancer, muscle deterioration which leads to infection to the joints, Parkinson Disease, S-shaped Spine, involuntary muscle contraction disease, lower back pain, neck, shoulder, back inflexibility, eye infections, etc. Physiologist Stephen Hawking has to rely on his wheel chair all the time. This is due to the lack of research in what the Chinese called "cold and damp chi" and the stagnation of blood circulation. If Chinese medicine remains unrecognized, there will be more and more incurable diseases in this world.

I have given up my career, and closed down a clinic which didn't require payment should the treatments didn't work. My goal is to transform the world of medicine with Chinese methodologies. I want the world to know that with Chinese medicine, there is cure without medicinal intake and injection. Chinese methodologies can also heal people with so-called incurable diseases, such as bone spur, osteoporosis, gout, stagnation of blood circulation which leads to deterioration type of diseases. It has proven that patients don't have to rely on wheel chair, walking supports, and walking sticks with their movements. This alternative healing method has started to aid many patients with its effectiveness.

The Dream to Transform, from Business to Healing
Pain, according to Chinese methodologies: blood flow & Chi
The Perfect Pain Killer - Moxibustion
New Medical Awareness Healthy Blood Circulation Promotes Healthy Joints
Moxibustion is an ancient method of cure in China. A new and improved healing method adopted by Mr. Chan, applied to the pressure points of the body, with the medicinal properties of a mixture of herbal leaves, stimulated by heat and released to the inner layers of the skin to the infected area.
There is no need for medicine intake, no need for acupuncture. In the process of heat stimulation, the medicinal properties of the herbal leaves are released into the body through pressure points, relieving the stagnation of blood circulation. All the illnesses caused by damp cold Chi and other pain-induced illnesses are relieved and cured.

There are three types of Moxibustion created by Mr. Chan. The white colored kind is applied to the limps, lower back and shoulder. The little ones are for the head, face, eyes, and nerves around the face area. The big ones are for the soles of the feet and the ankle. All will be applied with the relevant herbal leaves.

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